AI software platform for autonomous oil well drilling and global well data analysis

Applying big data and the IIoT Our capabilities:Well modeling Analyze the full range of available data Construction of geomechanical, hydraulic, technological models and risk models   ❷ Automated drilling control Drilling supervision Technological control Forecast risks under the face   ❸ Data transmission and interpretation Fast data and information transfer Automated data interpretation

The Future of The Oil Industry

The industry has shifted aims to maximizing shareholder value over scouring the globe for new reserves. With that, the next generation of “discovery” will come from deploying new capabilities in automated intelligence for precision, speed and efficiency to their extraction. Amirig is an intelligent digital environment that will allow to cut costs and reduce risks while drilling oil and gas wells. Amirig will bring the world’s highly competitive oil business to the next step in faster, safer and more prolific wells.

Intelligence System

  • Reducing Risks

    The incident rate is reduced by minimizing the human factor and eliminating unplanned events.

  • Cutting costs

    One third of the global oil wealth is re-invested into new well development. Reducing well construction time can save the global oil industry roughly $100 bn annually.

  • Growing Productivity

    By improving drilling accuracy, Amirig aims to significantly increase well productivity and enhance the world’s oil economics.

Well modelling

Precisely built well models crucial for trouble-free drilling.
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Real time data acquisition

Real time data acquisition from rig site and visualization: from mudlogging, MWD, from drilling contractor’s sensors, from workover rigs.
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Automated control of the drilling process

Optimization of field staff work at the rig in real time.
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Reducing NTP while drilling

Amirig combines and co-relates predicted model data with real-time data and adjusts well model while drilling.
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Automated verification and data recovery

Malfunction detection: signal loss, noises, data duplication.
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