Well modelling
Precisely built well models crucial for trouble-free drilling

• Geomechanical modelling

- calculation of the mechanical properties of the rocks along entire wellbore based on off-set wells

- calculation of stress constants

- calculation of the main gradients – formation pressure, mud losses, fracture pressure

- borehole sensitivity

Calculating the optimal well profile

• Hydraulic model

- mud losses calculation during circulation


- hydraulic bit power

- mechanical specific energy

- LOT and FIT

- calculation of cuttings bed condition of accumulation

- maximum size of drilled cuttings

- well kill program

- swab and surge calculation during tripping operations

• Technological risk model.
Amirig allows to identify conditions of well problems origin and construct the technological well model with minimum risks during drilling based on geomechanical & hydraulic models, mud rheology analysis, analysis of well problems reports and data from Mudlogging, WL, MWD & LWD service.

Amirig Well Science user’s interface:

Simulating modeling

Simulating modeling of drilling process helps to quickly find optimal solution to reduce accidents, downtimes, increase rate of penetration and energy of drilling efficiency.

Graphic modeling

A toolset aimed at fine-tuning the model. Modeling process takes place directly in the graphical interface, results are displayed instantly allowing to quickly solve complex problems during the well construction process.

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